Guest Post-Yogamend by Lorraine

Lovely dog doing Yoga. Interaction between animal and people really amazing me and I’m glad to introduce the organization The Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club and their website is RUSEPRC

Now let’s look at Lorraine’s amazing video.

Photo Editing about Curve and Stamp

Welcome visitors, I’m glad to announce that our group project are finished. With the help of Lorraine the editor of Yogamend and Ainsley author of I’m able to create this content to promote The Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club which website is RUSEPRC

Photo from Ainsley and idea from Lorraine.

Meme Creation-Update for Group Project


Hello everyone, as our collaboration project goes on, we are on the resource sharing and editing for our final project. Today I’m showing two memes that I created for our project. I got these two image from Yogamend and Happier Tails. Our project will attract more people to support RUSEPRC.

Today my topic is editing the memes and these photos I got from Lorraine the editor of Yogamend. This is a demo of the final work after processing the image in Photoshop. The source images are good, so I only made a few adjust on image color and brightness only to highlight the content and add the text to create my won memes.

I think my memes are relevant to our topics because our topic is about animals and my memes is about health and photography. The culture behind the my first meme is the healthy habit that people looking for, go for a walk several times a day makes people health. That fits my teammates topic that doing Yoga can help people’s health. My second meme is about photography the portrait, especially the side face portrait that the cut little dog’s posture. This can be as a meme and spread as a tip for people who like photography.

In general, the game industry use memes a lot for spreading their content and ideas, so do the fashion work because all the information depends a lot on the freshness and time limited. Game industry use their fancy images and shocking video to attract audience, not only these content,but also the memes they created for their target audience that is able to recall their sense of playing the game they love. The memes that game and fashion creates have also lead their organization with certain behaviors. The memes they create can also have the high utility for users to view and reuse for user’s own purpose then that make it spreadable.

When considering this user made content I think these content are in the promotional frameworks because these memes are target to specific audience that interested in photography animal and health.

That is all for today comment below if you like the photos I made.


Progress update

From last week’s announce we start a collaboration project about Promoting Animal Wellness. This whole week we focus on conduct our plan and a rough paper for submit. The paper is collaborate with Ainsley Berrigan, the author of Happier Tails and Lorraine Delaney, the author of YogaMend. Here’s one image that I found could help reader understand my milestone about our collaborate project. By Elke Vogelsang a Commercial and editorial dog photographer Elke Vogelsang aka Wieselblitz (

Spring? Where? by Elke Vogelsang on

The next thing we did was paper stuff. The previous week we collaborate on the introduction and software hardware. We basically selected the technology we’re going to use for our project like Photoshop, Movie Maker and Open Broadcast software. Form with a back up plan when the main software or hardware don’t work we will meet at library and work on our project. The next step we plan to do is collect the data we need for our project that each group member is going to collect their own data and we edit collaboratively. Also, we need to exam the audience and people we are going to present suit our content to our target audience.


Promoting Animal Wellness

Hello visitor, from this week I’m going to collaborate my site with my classmates’ site Yogamend by Lorraine and Happy Tails by Ainsley to promote one nonprofit organization Rutgers Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club that giving blind individuals independence and dignity through the use of service dogs and raising the service dogs.

Our first member Lorraine the author of Yogamend, a website about Yoga and focus on using Yoga to help people deal with chronic disease and mental pressure release. She has been practicing Yoga for twenty-years and get good benefits from it.

Our second member Ainsley the author of Happy Tails. Her ambition is to using her website to raising awareness of people to adopt dogs.

My site is about photography so we decided to collaborate on working an nonprofit organization with animal, people and use photography for helping with each other.

Our goal is to provide the organization a video about their daily tasks, organization activities and contribute this organization by advertising this organization in our own sites, providing some beautiful pictures.


Image sources: Lovely Puppy by Chai from About

How to portrait dog and cats

Here are two websites that I found useful for people love to shoot pictures with their pet dog/cat. One is Taking Awesome Dog Portrait the other is Taking incredible cat photos. Both two websites are from the community 500Px as i mentioned before. The external link can be found in my widget. Both two authors work as individual, so their words only represent themselves as Bennett writes “Diminished sense of government obligation— higher sense of individual purpose” so their articles are similar to Bennett’s theory of the Actualizing Citizen. In the article Changing Citizenship in the Digital Age he also mentions one point that “Favors loose networks of community action” which suit these two article because the editor of 500Px picks them not for the likes they received from users. The editor invite them to contribute the article mainly because of their skill and creative art work. Thank to the author Klassy Goldberg for editing both Taking Awesome Dog Portrait and Taking incredible cat photos. Also, if you like the photos of first site, please follow the photo contributor Elke Vogelsang and the other one Zoran Milutinovic